Thursday, 19 August, 2010

Independence Day: Just a Holiday or what????

‎"This year's independence day celebration is sponsored by BIG BAZAAR - Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahin milenga"......the lines made me to think about meaning of Independence for modern and new India.

For most of the current generation (myself included) 15th August primarily means a Holiday and some rituals like singing National Anthem while hoisting the tricolour at your workplace. No one today bother to think about the importance of Aazadi and the great battle many Deshbhakts fought to achieve it.

But the question is what should we do or rather what can we contribute towards Nation by remembering value of Independence of our country. Also I am not saying that we should celebrate the Independence Day like Windows XP- "Do more with less".

Today we all are thinking about ourselves only and always point fingers on others. Leave aside the country no one is bothered to think about the society also. But if the discussion point comes starts criticizing all- from the politicians to the traffic havaldar at the nearby chauk, though himself never hesitates in breaking the rules for the self-benefit.

So my point of view here is that either one should stop criticizing others or first correct oneself. This will be a good step in contributing towards development of our beloved country.


  1. good thought...

  2. thank you very much Apresh bhai...

  3. bhai sahab....sahi me smart vichar hai...

    sabhi kranti chahte hain....par chahte hain ki bhagat singh dusre ke ghar me paida ho....


  4. thanks Vikas bhai. yes kahin to shuruat karni hogi..

    Bibhuti bhai (Anonymous) thanks for encouragement.

  5. Excellent thoughts Deepak bhai... But why do you want to change d scenario... hume aadat pad gayi hai bhai, kahne ko sab chalta hai par ye mazburi hai. jahan saans lene aur paidal chalne par bhi TAX dena pade...(Shoes and Sleeper paidal chalnewalon ke jyada ghiste hain, vat ka hat unhi ke mathe par jyada hai).
    Ab kahan kahan change karenge, CWG is on head and we are walking through potholes.

  6. Thanks Shashi bhai,

    mera point of view ye hai ki agar ham dusron ko dosh dete hain har cheej ke liye to pahle hame khud ke girebaan me dekhna chahiye. CWG badhiya organise nahi hoga iske liye poore OC ko dosh dete hain par khud apne bad civic sense se gandagi, kachra failate hain. Main ye nahi kah raha ki Aalochna nirarthak hai par ham sab khud ko change pahle karen to kuchh parivartan hoga.....anyatha ham yahi kahenge ki India hai bhai sab chalta hai.

  7. Deepak you think so well , logically debatable and thought provoking and the posts just confirm and seal what I think.

    I think your forte is not just writing but choosing what to write ..when.

    Thanks for starting this blog ..Oh and I loved the Indo Fusion " Smart Vichar " awesome"

  8. Nwaz, thank u very much. Infact I have started the Blog because of your encouragement, though was contemplating to bring my writings/poems/ideas at a platform.

    thanks a ton for that & hope for more guidance in future........

  9. Thought provoking .....excellent...
    samajseva me yadi sabhi log ‘gilhari’ ke Ramsetu me kiye gaye Yogdaan kii tarah apni jimmedari samajhkar thoda sa bhi yogdaan karein to hamara desh bahot samruddhh ho jayega....
    Keep writing Deepak... God bless

    1. धन्यवाद... आपकी रामसेतु और गिलहरी की बात बहुत ही प्रासंगिक है...बहुत सुन्दर..


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